Smooth, articulate, professional, and carefully proofed work for your Spanish voiceover projects.

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Superb pronunciation, diction, intonation and inflection to enhance your client’s communication.


There are so many recordings I have done over the last two decades that I have lost track of the number. Here you will find some of them.



In all these years, I have worked with some of the most recognized global brands. Here are some of them...


This is my favorite part. I have read these reviews so many times that I almost have memorized them by heart. My clients have put their trust in my work over and over again. I will be forever grateful...

After working with Marcela on dozens of voice over projects, it’s clear why she is consistently our clients’ top choice. Her Spanish voice over work is always smooth, articulate, high-quality and carefully proofed. Marcela takes care to get the tone and structure of each recording 100% correct, and she delivers her work in a very timely fashion. We would recommend Marcela for any and all Spanish voice over projects!

— Maria Giordano, Digital Producer Flimp Media, Denver, CO, USA.

Marcela’s voice provides the professionalism, clarity, and confidence that we wanted to convey in our many online web-based training programs. Her pronunciation, diction, intonation and inflection are superb and greatly enhance the learner’s experience when working with very complex subject matter. We can’t wait to work with her again to bring additional training programs to our many global clients.

— Steven Charles Hunt, DGSA, President, ShipMate, Inc., Oregon, United States

Marcela’s work as professional voice over is impeccable. Not only she delivers great versatility in her voice, but also she offers wonderful service to the client. For these reasons, working with her becomes a very pleasant experience. Professional, punctual, incredibly talented and great service. This is Marcela.

— Sergio Córdoba. Strategic Development Manager, Global Markets,, London, Canada.

Our company has worked closely with Marcela for over five years. The most important qualities we value in a business relationship are timeliness and quality of work. Marcela excels at both and is truly a pleasure to work with.

— Nick Faieta, Technical Specialist, Quality Assurance, New Business Solutions and medSage, Philips Sleep & Respiratory Care, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia.

I have been working with Marcela for 15 years. The reason why we continue contracting her is the essence of her talent: her versatility, professionalism and passion to work. She is the best in the region.

— Giovanni Bulgarelli Presidente Y&R Costa Rica.

My experience working with Marcela has been very satisfactory: she is extremely professional and contributes with interesting creative ideas to the production of all projects we have developed together.

— Carla Pravisani, Vicepresidenta Y&R y Consultora en Amigurumi Lab, Costa Rica.

My experience working with Marcela has been wonderful. She is an accomplished professional who always works with great energy. She not only provides her talent but also her experience in different levels of intonation and editing, always with great patience and accessibility.

Elke Madrigal Araya, Productora ejecutiva Garnier BBDO, Costa Rica.

I love working with Marcela! She is super versatile. Her voice is fresh and smooth, and she has a great attitude. She is one of the best voice over professionals in the country.

— Zahmira Alvarado, Productora Ejecutiva Audiovisual Senior Garnier BBDO, Costa Rica.

I have worked with Marcela for more than two decades. She has always achieved total success in every project she has undertaken. She is a voice over talent and producer of great prestige, vocation, versatility and professionalism.

— Víctor Manuel Miranda Serrano, Director en Primera-Mente. Casa productora y estudios de grabación, México.

We have worked with Marcela in various projects where she has shown great talent to handle different objectives. Her commitment and punctuality are absolute.

Juan Camilo Largacha, Productor Ejecutivo Mezuena Producciones SAS, Colombia.

Marcela guarantees success. I have been working with her for more than ten years, and she is still the most versatile, talented, and fresh voice over I know. Simply, there are no limits for her. I must add that Marcela is a great person.

— Brian Maynard, CCO, McCann San José, Costa Rica.

Working with Marcela through all these years has always assured me the desired result in my radio spots and TV voice overs. She truly has a flexibility that allows me to experiment and try different approaches on every project I’ve done with her.

— Esteban Mc Lean General Creative Director FCB Costa Rica.

Speaking about creativity, versatility, and professionalism is speaking about Marcela. Excellent professional, she is always willing to fully collaborate in each of the productions she participates as a voice over. Both her ingenious mind and willingness to work as a team member have made her successful in voice over projects of mass consumption in Costa Rica. It is a real pleasure to recommend Marcela.

— Grettel Avilés Chaves, Gerente General La Cuatro del Medio Publicitario.

I have been working with Marcela for 12 years. She is an excellent professional whom I have always hired for many of my projects such as recordings, dubbing, and institutional videos. Her talent has no limits; her voice is very flexible, and I recommend her totally.

— Jéssica Román, Executive Senior Account, Costa Rica GDC. Darwin Zone a Division of Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.                       

What is it like to work with Marcela?
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Voice over 1: Working with Marcela has been sensational. She is a very professional person, shows great human qualities and has a very versatile voice. I have known her for about 15 years. Collaborating with Marcela, I have always had the assurance of her excellent work.
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Luis Diego Camacho Mora, Director General Creativo, agencia Halsband Worldwide Partners.

Collaborating with Marcela is a pleasure. Her talent and versatility make her an incredible work ally.

— Mario Cardona, Director, Zen Entertainment, Costa Rica.

We have had the opportunity to develop various audiovisual projects with Marcela’s collaboration. Her addition to our numerous projects has infused great quality to the final product, not to mention her impeccable vocal talent and articulation. She is very versatile and possesses a broad view of her field.

— Ignacio Solís, Presidente y Director, Milenio, Costa Rica.

We have always had success in the projects we recorded together during all our years of collaboration. Her professionalism, experience, and versatility transform Marcela in our first choice. Definitely, I would recommend Marcela for any project.

— Dimas Elizondo, Director Ejecutivo, Lasalapost, Costa Rica.

Working with Marcela is a gratifying experience for various reasons. First, she has a wonderful attitude as a person- always a kind smile on her face. Second and most important, she exhibits great professionalism and command in the voice over field as well as in radio production.

— Fabio Marín Rojas - Director General Creativo Avance WWP, Costa Rica.                        

I have known Marcela since the 90’s. This was a time when we will arrive to the recording studios in spite of the rain, would not leave until the objective was perfectly accomplished, and would be back to the studio if the client requested last minute changes. During these times, Marcela was proactive, professional and had a wonderful attitude. I was always surprised by her talents. Now, when everything is solved by WhatsApp I continue thinking the same about Marcela.

Mauricio Fallas, CEO Repúblika Independiente, Agencia Digital S.A., Costa Rica.

I work with Marcela a lot because I consider her and excellent, versatile and professional voice over. She understands and follows the directions that we, as the client, want to transmit in the recording. Her contribution to the material we have produced has been remarkable. I must add that my working experience with Marcela is a 100% satisfactory.

— Ana Bonilla, Sétimo Arte Productions, Costa Rica.

My experience working with Marcela has been outstanding. She is a versatile professional, and has excellent articulation, availability and great sense of commitment.

Elizabeth Rodríguez. Asistente Post-producción. Postdata R.G.B., S.A.

Working with Marcela has been truly advantageous to our company. Her work is impeccable and in accordance with the highest standards. In addition, Marcela owns a determined personality. She goes beyond the tasks demanding herself complete excellence.

— Gustavo Loría, Director, Fulfierros, Costa Rica.

Quality is what we get when working with Marcela. She owns a versatile voice which is very capable of conveying different emotions. In addition, she is a great professional with vast experience and a wonderful sense of responsibility.

  — Dylana Jiménez, Productora Ejecutiva, Post One Films, Costa Rica.

She is one of the most versatile and professional voices in the region. Working with Marcela guarantees success.

— Luis Quirós, Productor Ejecutivo,  MarteStudio, Costa Rica.

I met Marcela Loria 12 years ago. I found a versatile and passionate voice over talent, totally engaged in her field. Through these years, Marcela has always exhibited these values and many more. We have shared valuable experiences and projects with international clients of great prestige such as Latin America Mattel and Unilever. Also, we have worked in local and regional projects as Walmart, GSK, and Dos Pinos. Marcela has shown great professionalism at all times.

César Quirós, Fusion Production & Post-Production Director, Costa Rica.

Marcela’s voice is extremely versatile, clear and excellently articulated. Yet, her strength lies in her acting ability to interpret different characters.

— Walter Fernández, Director, Nosotros Films, Costa Rica.

I have known Marcela for more than 10 years, and I have worked with her in many voice over commercial projects. I have to say that Marcela is very professional, has a great voice and offers interesting versatility in all her tasks. She is able to sound youthful, corporate, formal, or any other voice request she is directed to do. Marcela completely adapts to different roles. I recommend her 100%.

— Marie Lopardo, Socia fundadora de Galileo Digital Agency, Costa Rica.